Student Nurse Interview Q&A Part 2 + Bonus Drug Calculations

Welcome to part 2 of my Student Nurse Interview Questions and Responses series. In this post I will be answering five interview questions:
*What is your understanding of evidence-based practice?
*Why do you want to become a registered nurse?
*Tell me about yourself?
*What is your understanding of the culture of compassionate care?
*Why should we give you a place on this nursing degree over the other applicants?

This post also includes three bonus drug calculations.

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Student Nurse Interview Q&A Part 1

Questions answered in this brand new series are:
*What do you think will be the most challenging part about being a student nurse?
*Name five skills that all nurses should have?
*How do you respond to criticism?

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That time I had a cardiac arrest

That time I had a cardiac arrest tells the story of peoples single experience when they had to perform CPR. This is a short poem that I would love to share with you all. I originally wrote it on the 9th March 2018.

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