My vegan journey: How I did it

I became a vegan very slowly. Having somewhat of a ‘why’ before I completely transitioned into a vegan diet helped to keep my progress consistent.

Quick note: I didn’t watch those vegan conspiracy programmes, Cowspiracy or earthlings. I don’t ever plan on watching them. I’ve seen clips, and I feel like, well I know for a fact that they have the potential to have a very negative impact on my mindset. (i.e nightmares and displaced anger).

So how did I really become vegan?
Well, I was a vegetarian for 18 months before I became a vegan. I cut out meat but was still eating dairy, eggs and fish. So more specifically, I was a pescatarian for 6 months and a full-on vegetarian for 12 months. Once I became a vegetarian I noticed that my diet wasn’t completely complete (ironic at the time, yes I know it).

As a vegetarian my diet was heavily based around carbs, a lot of carbs, bread, rice, pizza and POTATOES, a lot of POTATOES, and more bread which just annihilated my digestive system. I was at this stage of digestive annihilation for a while. Slowly I began to eat more foods that I knew were good for me, fruits vegetables and pulses.


I then began to cut out cheese from my diet. Cheese and milk were very easy for me to give up. I never really had a craving for them. While I was still a vegetarian, the next thing that I cut out was mayonnaise, this was harder considering the amount of POTATOES I was eating. However, after about 3 weeks I was complete over it.
All that was left for me to give up was eggs. Simply because eggs are so convenient. They are in a lot of snacks and can form a whole meal on their own. Once I made and was successful at the active intention to give up eggs, I was completely done with it. There was no backtracking. If I knew what eggs really were. They would have been way easier for me to give up. But hey, that’s what you call progress.

Once I finally cut eggs out I was a vegan. On Jan 1st, 2018 I made the decision that I was going to trial out being a vegan for a year.






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