Time out in Brighton

The Plan was Malta, but that completely flopped. So, Brighton it was, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I have been going to Brighton as far back as I can remember, since I was five? Maybe earlier. Nonetheless, the all too familiar railway station reminded me that I was back, this time as an adult, with friends and ready to have a good time. The weather was amazing, upwards of 31°C, ya girl caught a tan, the food was good, and the vibes were a solid 10/10.



My friends and I stayed at the amazing Queens Hotel & Spa. It provided us with amazing views of the coastline. Towards the end of the day the sea and the sky would merge into one. When I wasn’t gazing at the coastline, water rides at Brighton Pier provided me with enough adrenalin to last a couple of days.




The following day we walked from Brighton pier to the Marina. The walk down felt like I was on a movie set, everything was perfect, in place like it should be. NO, no, no one offered us a ride on their yacht, but we did reach Lagoon Water Sports. It was my first-time jet skiing, and I am not going to lie, it was terrifying, but it all made for good banter. I will definitely try it again.

On the final day in Brighton. My highlight was the British Airways  i360 observational tower. We were slowly elevated into the air, the whole thing lasted about 20 minutes and provided us with 360 views of Brighton and Hove.  If you want to experience all that happened in Brighton, check out my page on YouTube. I have four videos dedicated to my time in Brighton! Subscribe while you are there!





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