That time I had a cardiac arrest



Flashbacks of death. The sound of fear. Pain

pressure. Cold bodies. Blood everywhere.

Gauze and Clinell wipes. Cannot erase the

cardiac strain. Did you really expect me to have

a complete mental frame?


You need to thump harder. Go faster, a bit

more faster, there we go.


I’m sorry sir, I’ve just broken your ribs. Your

chest cannot take the blows. My heart is

racing, it doesn’t know where to go. The rising

force is so great. It stops for a brief moment.

‘Pass me the adrenalin!’

But my heart needs it more, I’m having

Palpitations. My heart isn’t beating. By fire by

Force I will not end up on the floor. It wafts

Again, bringing pure waves of disorientation


Keep thumping.

One third of the chest.





Standby, shock. Woah, this shits actually

Working. I need another High. Hey you, quick,

Try fix us a second line.


Is that really me. Yes it fucking is. Now go

back and Don’t stop ever. He needs you more

than you need you. I should be certain. I have

the rest of my life, his, I am really not so certain.


Is that even going in. His vessels are

Disappearing. I would give you mine but we

Don’t have the time. Nor the resources or the heart

To tell your family, to just give us time. We are

Not done yet. But you is. Any disagreements?

Yes, I mean no Rest in peace.


Standby, shock. It’s 4am, on your bike. Get up.

Go do it again.




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