Oh Damn. Amsterdam.

This trip to Amsterdam nearly didn’t happen. Let me just say, I clearly don’t know how to fill in passport details. Yeah…….everything and anything that could go wrong, happened. Incorrectly spelt names and missing passports. Needless to say, we ALL made it to Amsterdam on the scheduled date.  Luckily some of us including myself had already been before, so we ‘kind of’ knew what we were doing.



Food was the first stop. Most of the independent restaurants sold the same thing. Burger deals, sausage deals, chicken deals. Basically, a Nando’s equivalent where you’d get the meat, one or two sides and a drink.  Being that vegan chick who rarely gets options when eating out. I had to settle for the sides, chips and mushrooms. I ate so many bloody chips on this trip I literally started to protest:

‘We want cheaper chips!

When do we want it?


How do we want it?





Fast forward a couple days later to the Heineken experience. Like this whole entire trip, drawing and drinking Dutch beer in front of a rowdy audience nearly didn’t happen. We were originally going to go to the Ice bar, but opted for the Heineken experience instead.


Heinekens first factory was in Amsterdam. They no longer make beer anymore, instead it’s an interactive museum with free drinks, and a nightclub at the end. The largest part of the tour was obviously the beer making room. As you walk in you are surrounded by humongous copper cauldrons. (Cookers? Stoves?) I’m not entirely sure what they were called, but boy were they massive.









The Heineken experience was honestly one of the highlights of this trip. I drank beer, tested what tasted like sweetcorn juice and cooked some barley in a massive crock pot (I’m still not entirely sure what the copper things were called). The tour was informative, so I felt like I was learning about Amsterdam’s culture. And it was also cool af. They had horses, and, towards the end of it, I entered a beer drawing competition. Despite fierce opposition, the crowd loved my charisma and I came first place. I have a badge and videos on YouTube to prove it!



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