Minimalist packing hacks when using cabin luggage only

  1. Convert your liquids to solids

Consider taking a bar of soap rather than shower gel. Swap your liquid deodorant with a natural mineral crystal. Swap your liquid foundation for its powdered equivalent. This is particularly useful for those who will be travelling with a lot of liquids. There is a limit on how many liquid containers you can take in your cabin bag. Swapping some of your liquids for their solid equivalent may just be the key to ensuring nothing gets left behind. Remember that each container of liquid must be less than 100 ml.


  1. If you will be travelling with someone else pack with them

This will prevent the both of you from packing multiples of items that you could easily share. Examples of things that you could share include hair straighteners, body lotion and extension cables.


  1. Recycle your clothes. Pack three tops for every pair of trousers

Not only will this help you to save space. It will push you to be more creative with your outfit ideas. Apply the same concept of ‘recycling’ you clothes with your shoes. If you will be wearing trainers to the airport. Reconsider if you really need to pack a 2nd and or 3rd pair.


  1. Use packing cubes and roll your clothes

The hype around them is true! You can pack a lot more things into your suitcase when using packing cubes. In my largest packing cube, I have five dresses, two tops, and one cardigan. Yh, A LOT… Like my Aerospace suitcase, I purchased my packing cubes from Amazon. I love how they both match.

When using packing cubes, make sure to roll your clothes to save even more space.

-Save space and organise your items by using packing cubes


  1. Fill up your shoes

Shoes often have a lot of empty space so fill them up. Place pens, socks and other miscellaneous items inside them to save even more space.


  1. Wear your heaviest items to the airport

Especially when travelling to colder climates. During my Amsterdam March 2018 trip, I wore a knee length puffer jacket and Knee-high boots to the airport. There is absolutely no way they would have fit inside my cabin bag.



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