10th August | Retaking my nursing OSCE exam

That morning I woke up around 7am. I set my alarm for 5am but that didn’t work out. I spent a lot of yesterday travelling and preparing for today. I finally got up at 7am. I told myself, if you get up now and pass this exam you won’t have to worry about it ever again.
So, I got out of bed and had a shower. I went to get something to eat. It was a quite morning. Most of the students at my halls had gone home or were still in bed. For breakfast I had the rest of my orange juice. I also ate some cold strawberries I forgot I had. I had left them in the fridge but because I was so busy the evening before, I hadn’t got around to eating them. Once I had the opportunity to eat them, they were too cold, so I gave them away to some random guy who was doing building repairs.
I grabbed my suitcase I had packed the day before, my adidas rucksack and headed out the door. It was a pleasant morning, not to hot, not to cold. As I got closer to university, I started to get hot. Then I got prickly hot. By the time I got to the university library I felt uh, like I could do with having a shower all over again. But I was still hopeful.
Once I got to the library, I sat down. I did some revision. I googled things I wish I had done the night before. Oh well. 5 minutes before my OSCE exam time. It’s never too late to relearn what a bruit is. I set of to the venue. There was no rush. There was no commotion. I was the only one who had to retake the exam. The mood was calm.
A man rushed past me. I sat on a chair. Tried to get some last-minute revision in. Five more minutes they said. Okay.
I was called in for my exam. They explained what I had to do. I walked into the room. A man was sat in a chair. I did what I had to do. I checked all the boxes. I repeated that three more times.
There was a hum in the air. A positive commotion. I could finally breath. I started to go over all the things I said and did during my exam. I had done it all. For the first time in a long time I was 100% sure I had met all the exam requirements.
I slowly made my way to the library. I say slowly because I was floating. It was a long time since felt this high.


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