What to take to placement? What is in my student nurse bag?



So what is in my placement bag? Or what should I take to placement? I am sure that a lot of you guys have asked yourself this question plenty of times. To help you out, I thought I’d list the contents of my placement bag.

If you don’t already know I am a student nurse studying at degree level In the UK. The reason why I say this because from my time on the internet, I have gathered that student nurses from across the world are expected to take different things with them to placement.

I have a YouTube video for those who would like to watch what Is in my student nurse placement bag.



What I take to placement:

  • My uniform. Obviously, unless you are on a community health placement where you may be asked to wear smart casual clothes. At the beginning of first year I was given five very white tunics and five navy trousers to go with them. Now that I am approaching the end of my nursing degree. I have four not so white tunics and four navy trousers.


  • A watch. A fob watch is ideal. The only reason I take a watch, as in a wrist watch, is because I have had three toooooo many fob watches die on me when I needed them the most. If anyone knows where I can get a reliable fob watch, palllease let me know.


  • Black pens; a handful. People will take your pens and you will take theirs. You don’t need blue, red or green pens. They do not photocopy well so they are not ideal for the safe and efficient use of patient notes. TIP: if you make a mistake, cross It out with a single black line. Blue, red and green pens are not needed. Only black.


  • Eye torch. I use these bad boys when I am taking neuro obs (observations). Here is a very useful website that explains what neuro obs are. Almost every placement I have been on has had a box of eye torches stashed in a corner. Eye torches are not necessary for all placements. If it is, your placement should have one for you to keep.


  • Black shoes. They don’t have to be completely black, but the blacker the better. Make sure that they are made of material that is somewhat bodily fluid proof and easy to wipe clean. Clinell wipes are not just for equipment you know! I got my current ones from sports direct. They are completely black, easy to wipe clean, very comfortable, lightweight, good quality, affordable, aaand, they don’t look like they belong in the stone age.


  • Mini notepad. This is useful for jotting things down. For example, in my notepad, I write down new topics that I am introduced to while on placement. I also make a note of patient observations when the tablets decide not to work!


  • Keys, purse, hand cream, lip gloss, and pocket tissues. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for that 13 hour shift!

To put all of this in I recommend an Adidas rucksack. In my opinion, they are the most practical rucksack to carry my placement things in. Please don’t take a handbag or a one-sided satchel. They are not so comfy when travelling long distances. Adidas rucksacks or rucksacks in general are spacious and the adjustable straps mean that you can wear it with comfort. One reason why I brought the Adidas rucksack over other backpacks is because it has a separate pocket at the back. This is perfect for putting my laptop in when I go to the library. Because the separate pocket rests on your back it is perfect for giving some of your items that extra bit of security. It also acts as extra padding.

Side note: I brought my rucksack during my first placement. I am in fourth year and it is still super comfortable.



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